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If She Can Do It, So Can I

As I was driving to a principal meeting this week, I drove by a woman wearing a middle school sweatshirt from a school where I had previous taught. The school is a great middle school, but it wasn't her neighborhood school. She was walking in the rain in a direction away from the school by herself with only her umbrella in hand. Even though the school was a mile to a mile and a half away, the timing, the outfit, the situation, made it obvious that she was returning home after walking her child to school to ensure they made it.

The neighborhood that I was driving through is a low socioeconomic area, where choices are limited because of a variety of reasons. Having also taught in this neighborhood, the one thing that I knew was that a great deal of parents that would do whatever it takes to make their children succeed.

This woman made me start to think and reflect on my own journey.

We often make different excuses for why we can't do things. No budget, no time, no resources, th…