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Empower The Right Person

Empower The Right Person
I am sitting in my living room watching my kids work on their science projects and I quickly started to reflect on my own experiences with science fairs. As an elementary school student, I would enter the science fair every year, no matter the focus. I would always talk with my parents and/or my teachers about an idea I had and how I could make it better or test a hypothesis. I loved it! It was my time to experiment and work through challenges that were put in front of me. My parents/ teachers were there to pick me up if I fell, but not there to step in until I absolutely needed them.
This independence of allowing the child to do the project taught me work ethic and if I wanted something I needed to work for it. I never won the blue ribbon, but I won so much more. I won because I learned the value of hard work and if I wanted something, I needed to be persistent in my pursuit.
Fast forward many years to where I am now. I have taken those same lessons and passed …

All Day, Every Day

All Day, Every day
I was sitting in a meeting the other day and the room was filled with sneezing, coughing and running noses. It was apparent that not everyone was feeling 100%, but they were there trying their best to participate. Even though I was not under the weather, I started to think about how I can stay healthy when everyone else is coming down with something.
Reflecting on the day and the situation, I relate it back to education. As parents, students, co-workers get tired and unmotivated, it is our job to keep the focus on the right thing. The focus must remain on KIDS. During this time of year there are so many distracting elements that try to pull us away. Stay strong, stay focused and keep pushing forward.
I don’t wake up everyday with the energy and desire to get up and get after it. I must reach into my toolbox and use those tools to help myself, help others.
Here are some reminders on how to Bring It Every Day, All Day:
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