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I started 2017 by getting up and getting outside of my office on a daily basis and getting into classrooms to interact with kids and teachers on an intentional level. I wanted to be a visible leader and one that was known for being in classrooms. Taking every opportunity to get outside of the office I build a reputation for not sitting in the office.
My #oneword2017 was OUTSIDE. This word and motivation served me well and taught me that there was so much more to being a leader than office work. I needed to be intentional with my time and show others that leaders need to be seen and we need to get outside and be with those who we serve.
2017 had many ups and downs, professionally and personally. I finished my first year as principal, I was able to present at the National Principals Conference, I wrote a book, but I also lost a very close family member, and even broke my leg. The events of 2017 made me question life, some more than others.
I have gone back and forth on what would be my …