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Be the One Who Makes School A Positive Memory

"Kids don't remember what teachers taught them, they remember how teachers treated them." 

Earlier in the summer I was interviewing for a counseling position and the candidate made the comment: "Kids don't remember what teachers taught them, they remember how teachers treated them." This quote made me think. It made me reflect on my own past and how much I remembered about my teachers. 
Reflecting on my own educational experiences and the teachers that I had, I can't remember specific details on what lessons were taught to me. I can however remember how teachers treated me and I can remember the details of some of those interactions. 
Kindergarten: I had a teacher who was so much fun. I can remember her riding trikes alongside us and how she always had a huge smile. 
1st Grade: My teacher shared her passion of reading with us and she had a unique sense of dental hygiene. I remember each day she would have us brush our teeth after lunch. It was her way of…

Reflecting on my NPC Journey

My alarm went off at 3:30 am on the west coast. It was time to get up and get to the airport to catch my 6 am flight to Philadelphia for the National Principals Conference. Due to security and ticketing lines, I ended up running and boarding the plane while out of breath, but we made it. My wife decided to take this opportunity to get a vacation away from kids and recharge while I attended to conference.
We arrived in Philadelphia around 2pm. Took a taxi to our hotel and started to explore the area around the hotel. At 6 pm I headed over to the conference center to check in and meet up with my co-presenters, Jay Posick and Mark French. We would be presenting the next morning and had never met face to face. Due to airport delays Jay was unable to make it, but Mark and I shared stories and went over the plan.
As Jay was running late, Mark and I decided to head over to our PLN (Principals In Action) meet up at a local restaurant. It was kind of surreal as I have been talking with many…

Simply Start Blogging

Recently at the National Principals Conference, I was sitting and learning with Eric Sheniger. He asked the question of raise your hand if you blog.  A group of hands went up, but mostly in the middle of the room, which happened to be members of my PLN Principals In Action. He then asked, who blogs regularly? Even less hands were left in the air. 
My hand was up through the series of questioning, but two years ago it would not have been. When I was first urged to start a blog by my friend and colleague, Adam Welcome, I felt that I had nothing to write about. The thoughts and feelings that went through my head were:
I am not a writer.  I am not special.  No one will read it.  I don't have the time. 
A year later, my professional life has completely changed for the better. I am now:
Connected   Have a Voice Motivating Others
People will listen. People want to know what you think. People want to know your story. Simply start blogging and writing down your thoughts. Use it as a way t…

Stop Making Excuses

I don't have enough time.  My custodial staff cannot get to it.  I am waiting for someone else to do it. 
Every school has someone who has said one of those three phrases. Time, staff, and certain district level roles are sometimes limiting schools on how they can get things done. As a leader in any business or school, you need to do whatever it takes to get things done. As a principal, vice principal, or teacher, I have never been above doing whatever it takes. If I need to show up to school in my work clothes and bring my drill, then you better believe that is what I am doing. 
A few years ago I was working at a school that needed another office built to house a counselor. After submitting a work order and waiting months, something needed to happen. I made a trip to the hardware store and quickly split one big office into two smaller offices. I built a wall because that is what was needed for my staff and for my students. 
Later in the year there was a an old home economics roo…