What does your office look like?

School ended a week and a half ago and now I have had a moment to stop and think about the year. So many thoughts constantly ran through my head during the school year, but I didn't always take the time to make each of the changes. However there is one change that I reflected on throughout the year and I making sure that I take care of it this summer. 

What does your office look like?

I am not only talking about your office, but the front office, and every office on your school site. 

Is it kid centered? 
What type of art is on the wall? Is it welcoming? 
Is it professional looking?

When you walk into a school office, you should automatically smile. This is a place that should be welcoming and a place that everyone knows loves kids. Too often our offices are cramped, dim lite, not welcoming and have no pictures of kids. This summer, I aim to make our front office and my principal office a place where people know we are in the kid business and we love it.  

I challenge you to look at your offices and make sure that they are kid centered and create an environment that everyone knows that you love kids. 

Be the one that welcomes everyone onto your campus!


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