Take the Time

How often do you unplug?

How do you take the time?

I was talking with my friend, Adam Welcome, last week and he said that he was turning his phone off for a week to kick off his family vacation. I asked him, can you really do it? His answer was quick and to the point. Absolutely, I am hanging out with my wife and kids. 

It made me think, can I unplug?

I just got home after spending 5 days camping in the mountains. When my wife asked me if I wanted to go camping months ago, my first reaction was yes! I love camping and I love letting my kids explore and learn to love the outdoors. My wife booked us a lake front spot that had enough room for my parents and 4/7 of my siblings to join. Booking these trips months ahead of time is sometimes hard. You never know what will come up between then and now. There were somethings going on in my professional and personal life that I felt I needed to be connected for. 

I was wrong. 

Thankfully I was forced to be mostly unplugged due to lack of service, but it was awesome. My wife mentioned it many times that I was present and I was able to soak every moment in. The past few months have been rough on my family, but this trip was exactly what we needed. We kayaked, SUP, hiked, went swimming, cliff jumping, and fishing. 

Growing up, I never had the patience to fish. After watching my kids fish and love it, I found myself casting and reeling, repeatedly. I was not bored, I was relaxed. By me unplugging and being present, I could experience things  that I thought I would not enjoy. I was present and I was embracing the moment. 

As we started to head out of the mountains, my phone started to ding with all the messages that I had not received. It was okay, I wasn't tied to my phone. I let the dings come in and did not rush to answer or see what was going on.  It was a great feeling and it re-energized me to return home and get things done. 

I challenge everyone to take the time to unplug. 

I challenge you to be the one who demonstrates the importance of being present for kids. 


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