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Finding the Lessons in Grief

The past week and half of my life have been crazy... A week and half ago we received a phone call in the middle of the night that would every change our life. My father in law  passed away very suddenly. We were immediately shocked and heart broken. He was a jack of all trades, a man who has traveled, a man who has served our country, and a man who is loved by so many.
I went from being in full school mode, to needing to completely remove myself from school and be with my family. Changing my main role for the time being. The past two weeks have been hard, but there has been many underlying lessons. When we grieve it is hard to look for the lessons, but it is necessary to keeping us going.

1. Build Relationships
Throughout life, we are constantly being pulled in different directions and don't always spend enough time building our relationships. This is becoming more and more difficult in a digital age, where face to face communication is becoming less common.