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The Power of The Principal

Life and school is about experiences and chances to explore all the beautiful things that they have to offer. Looking through the eyes of kids, we as Principals hold so much power. Students love when they are encouraged, cheered on, loved, and recognized, especially by the Principal.

As a student, I would walk around campus hoping to be recognized by someone for something I had to offer. My older brother was always being recognized for how well of a reader he was or how well he was following directions. Here I was, a rambunctious kid with a love of being physical and all the social aspects of school. As you can imagine,  this caused some disruptions in the classroom.

My childhood and school experiences has shaped me into the educator I am today. Knowing the impact of the encouragement of an adult on campus, I look for anytime to encourage students. Recently at 5th grade camp, I got the time to slow it down and build relationships with students. I was able to encourage those you were…

Lessons learned on Spring Break

I just wrapped up my spring break, dusted off my macbook and decided to write about it. My wife and I decided months ago that we would make an investment in our family and take a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas. Sounded amazing and expensive!!!

I got the idea of booking some type of trip months ago, after sitting in meeting after meeting hearing about broken families. These families were missing something and clearly did not slow down and take time for each other. They needed to invest in their family. One day, after jokingly talking with my wife about it, I booked it. She texted me quickly after she got the confirmation email with this text: Really???? :)

I was not joking. I wanted to make the investment and take some time for our family.

Growing up in Southern California I have been to Disneyland many times. However, I had only dreamed and heard about Disney Cruises. We booked our Cruise out of Miami and then booked our flights across the country.

The night before tour flights we set…