Show Respect, Kindess, and Love

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon and I had been enjoying a morning filled with visiting classrooms. Come lunch, I am bouncing from the cafeteria, office, and playground. Lunch time comes to an end and here comes a group of students all upset about something that had happened with another student. Sixty seconds later, here comes more students and so on. Suddenly the office is full and my attendance secretary looks at me like "what just happened?".

Its SPRING! We have yet to hit spring break, but kids and teachers are tired. It's a daily occurrence at this point of the year that I see a student, a sibling, a parent, or a teacher crying. It just happens frequently and I can't seem to figure how to stop it.

The stress of life and work have become very evident and needs to be addressed. These are the days that we need to remember our "WHY". Why are we here? Why did I want to be in education? What can I do to change how students learn?

When those questions run through my head, I get reinvigorated and I think about how we react to situations:

It is okay to be tired. 
Its okay to be frustrated. 
Its okay to stressed. 
Its okay to cry. 

Its not okay to take frustrations out on: parents, co workers, bosses, and most importantly kids. It is our job to take our everyday lives and show students that it is not always easy and sometimes we have bad days, but we are resilient and we bounce back.

 We treat each other with respect. 
We treat each other with kindness. 
We treat each other with love. 

I will be the first one to admit that I am tired. My patience has been tested this year. Having said that, I wake up each morning to be the best I can for my students and my staff. I am here from them and here to support them inside and outside of the classroom. 

Show respect, show kindness, show love and you will be less tired, frustrated, stressed and be less likely to cry. Be the one that changes the outlook for others.


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