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Don't Settle: Keep Pushing Forward

Throughout the year, we get tired and overwhelmed with the adult drama of schools and sometimes we forget why we are here. FOR THE KIDS! Challenge yourself to leave your drama at home and keep pushing forward.
I have seen it over and over again. We cannot settle for average. My goal is not to be an average principal, but to make average look subpar. We cannot settle for average, we need to push the envelope in education and challenge each other to our best each day.
I admit, I think outside the box and sometimes that makes me FAIL. But, I am okay with that because I am not making excuses and I am trying different things to make teachers/students better. I challenge teachers to think outside the box and don’t get dragged down by the haters. Whenever there is innovation, there will be some that don’t want to follow and resist the change. The reality is, those teachers are scared that education is changing and they are not sure how to adapt.
As principals, we need to keep pushing the…