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My #OneWord2017- Outside

As I read everyone’s #oneword2017, I sit and think what would be my word? After being challenged by #principalsinaction to reflect on 2016 and reading everyone’s #oneword2017 blog posts, I decided that my #oneword2017 would be, OUTSIDE.

Being a 1st year principal, I think that all the words that everyone has chosen, could definitely apply to me. I wanted a word that was encompassing to who I am as a father, husband, educator, and leader. The word OUTSIDE has many different meanings to me.
The word OUTSIDE reminds me to:
1.Get up and get OUTSIDE of my office on a daily basis and get into classrooms and interact with kids and teachers on an intentional level. I want to me a leader that is involved and knows their school and is seen everywhere. Take every chance you get to explore and problem solve with kids. Build a reputation for being present and being OUTSIDE of the office.
2.Think OUTSIDE the box when it comes to kids. Are we going the extra mile and thinking of OUTSIDE the box …