Relationships Don't Just Happen...

Thinking back to my experiences as an elementary student, I don't remember my principal. They didn't do anything to make me remember them. There wasn't a spark, there was no connection. When I got named principal of an elementary school in June, I thought what type of principal did I want to be? I had many goals, aspirations, and ideas for how to make education better. How was I going to motivate teachers and students to want to do better?

We have been in school for more than 30 days now and I feel that the honeymoon period is over, we are getting into the part of the year we need to keep the ball rolling, and not let the ball just roll by itself.

We as a school have created and are still creating an environment that kids don't want to leave. They are excited to come to school and excited to stay at school. I have played tether ball, kickball, football, ball wall, gone down slides and across monkey bars. I have eaten lunch with students, modeled behavior, and read to classes. We rock to music in the mornings as students arrive and sometimes even get a visit from our new mascot! These relationships are purposeful and don't just create themselves.

We as educators have a duty to teach students how great it is to be in education and how amazing life is. If we don't smile what will students think? I come to work each day not because it easy or brings a paycheck, but it challenges me and I love the fun that I have in this position. Where else can I dress up in a hawk mascot costume and play tether ball. We chose this profession to make a difference, so lets start making kids want to grow up and change the world.

It completely fulfilled me last Friday, when a rock star teacher came and told me that one of her students says: " I want to become a principal, because it looks like he is always having fun." That is a win for any principal.

I want kids to change the world. I want kids to grow up and not be scared of the process. We must model it, we must show kids what it looks like to be an adult that enjoys their job and has fun doing it.  Get outside, show everyone that making a difference is fun, impactful, and powerful. When things get tough, choose to be positive and bring the energy!

Relationships don't just happen, it takes work and is totally worth it.


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