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Find Your Rabbit Hole

Being an connected principal has helped me gain the trust of parents and staff. They have a question and they usually receive an answer back from me relatively timely. I pride myself in my quick responses and handling of situations in a timely manner.

In today's infrastructure it is so easy to stay connected and to be reached. Phones, watches, computers, social media, and email are constantly being checked and updated with contact information. Some nights as I try to disconnect and recharge, I may hear my phone make a noise or my apple watch vibrates in makes me want to check what is going. It is ingrained in me and sometimes drives me nuts!

The pressure that is constantly put on us(by ourselves sometimes) makes it hard to do our job. Principals need to disconnect and find a rabbit hole to recharge. We will do so much more for our students with a fresh perspective and a happy principal.

Take a moment to recharge and find your rabbit hole...

Relationships Don't Just Happen...

Thinking back to my experiences as an elementary student, I don't remember my principal. They didn't do anything to make me remember them. There wasn't a spark, there was no connection. When I got named principal of an elementary school in June, I thought what type of principal did I want to be? I had many goals, aspirations, and ideas for how to make education better. How was I going to motivate teachers and students to want to do better?

We have been in school for more than 30 days now and I feel that the honeymoon period is over, we are getting into the part of the year we need to keep the ball rolling, and not let the ball just roll by itself.

We as a school have created and are still creating an environment that kids don't want to leave. They are excited to come to school and excited to stay at school. I have played tether ball, kickball, football, ball wall, gone down slides and across monkey bars. I have eaten lunch with students, modeled behavior, and read to c…