Bring on the Kids!

When I finished last school year, I was the vice principal at a local high school. The following week, I was appointed to be an elementary principal. Since that moment: my mind, body, and soul has been preparing for this school year.

I have been working on communication, culture, and building relationships with staff, community, and students. This past week, I have found myself in my office or at trainings. By the end of the day, I walk outside and remember what fresh air and the summer heat feels like. I can't help but stop and think:


My hope that all the preparation will make it easier, once the kids come. Nevertheless, I want to kick off the school year. I want the kids here, so we can start building those relationships and make education exciting, challenging, and plain fun! 

I have so many dreams for these little guys, that I hope that I will have the time to make things happen. Of course I am nervous, because I have never been a principal before. We have a dedicated staff and parent community that I am confident will back my crazy ideas, and make education amazing for kids. 

I want to make kids smile. 
I want to be in classrooms. 
I want to lead our staff. 
I want school to the happiest place on earth!


  1. Mr. Sheehy, we are so excited to have such an enthusiastic principal who is excited to make the school a place the kids want to be at! It's very refreshing and I know our family is excited for this year to start, too!


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