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Never to Early to Start Reflecting

Monday was our first day with students and I was extremely excited! I barely slept and set my alarm for super early, making sure I could get to school early and make sure everything went perfect. Music was playing while students arrived, talking to parents, giving high fives, and welcoming students to campus. Making classroom rounds, giving a little welcome back talk, feeding off the energy of the students. The entire day all I could think "It's all about relationships".

Tuesday was full of laughter, classroom visits, slides, and fun on the playground. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were full of the same. Once Friday afternoon came, there was some time to sit a reflect.

I started off the year with 4 goals:

1. Visibility
2. Communication
3. Interaction
4. Have Fun

Did I meet my goals this week? Did I make an impact? How do the parents/staff feel it went? Those were some of the questions that were going through my head.

All I could think was:

This was the most amazing we…

Bring on the Kids!

When I finished last school year, I was the vice principal at a local high school. The following week, I was appointed to be an elementary principal. Since that moment: my mind, body, and soul has been preparing for this school year.

I have been working on communication, culture, and building relationships with staff, community, and students. This past week, I have found myself in my office or at trainings. By the end of the day, I walk outside and remember what fresh air and the summer heat feels like. I can't help but stop and think:


My hope that all the preparation will make it easier, once the kids come. Nevertheless, I want to kick off the school year. I want the kids here, so we can start building those relationships and make education exciting, challenging, and plain fun! 
I have so many dreams for these little guys, that I hope that I will have the time to make things happen. Of course I am nervous, because I have never been a principal before.…