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Building a Place That No One Wants to Leave

When people think of school it brings up a ton of different emotions. Some good, some bad. For me, school brings up many different emotions, because my experiences are vastly different. I went to public school K-2, which I loved. I was a social butterfly who constantly wanted to be with people and learn from them.

3rd-5th grade I was home schooled and that was extremely different. School had no walls, no boundaries, lacked a certain structure for me. During that time, I realized I needed to be with peers in a classroom, learning alongside others. During my middle school years, I attended a small private school where class sizes ranged from 6-12 students per class. Much bigger than 1, however still extremely small. From there I transferred to a public high school, where my eyes to the world were open. I LOVED school and the experience. Along with the content being taught in the classroom, I really enjoyed the experience of school. My school experience was a time to let my imagination r…

Growing and Sharing

This summer has been an amazing time of growth. As I take over a new school and as a first time principal I want to make sure that I go into the year with a good understanding of what it takes and how to make my site the best site ever!

As I try to climb this mountain I am constantly reminded that this principalship is a journey and not a sprint. I am extremely grateful that I am building relationships that will help me along the way. I love being connected via Twitter and Voxer.

As I plan for the first few days of school, I want to make sure that relationships are the priority. Building relationships with staff, students, parents, and community. How am I going to do this?

1. Visibility 2. Communication 3. Interaction 4. Have FUN!
These are my commitments that I am making to my school and community. As I continue to ramp up for the year, I want to read, relax, and rest. Have a great summer!